Sub Slab and Airborne Vapor Assessment

Volatile chemicals in the soil and groundwater can migrate through structures and impact the indoor air posing a health hazard for occupants (vapor intrusion). This has recently become a high priority for regulators and the guidance is ever-changing. We are experienced in navigating dynamic regulations and can help find the path to successful resolution.

Our experts are skilled at completing vapor intrusion assessments and due diligence activities to identify potential or known sources of contamination following the ASTM E2600-15 guidelines. We evaluate the soil, groundwater, soil gas and/or indoor air to determine if there are Chemicals of Concern, (COC) in the indoor environment. If further evaluation, remediation or mitigation is necessary, our onsite experts possess solutions which have proven effective in mitigation of vapor intrusion.

Our Screenings are Targeted

We take the time to plan and determine the most effective route to evaluate vapor intrusion.

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