Recent successful site closures (NFA):

Regulatory Site Closure

Navigating the regulations to get to the closure of a contaminated site can be complicated and time consuming. That is why it is important to work with Environmental Professionals who have demonstrated their ability to obtain a "No Further Action", (NFA) from the regulatory agency.

We have experience with Washington State's Voluntary Cleanup Program, (VCP) and Petroleum Technical Assistance Program, (PTAP) programs. We also work with Alaska's Department of Environmental Conservation, (ADEC) and Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality, (ODEQ) to obtain site closures in the most efficient manner, saving money and time.



Auto Body Shop

Restaurant (early 20th century gas station)

Strip Mall

Gas Station

Gas Station

Auto Repair and Tire Center

Type of Contamination

Leaking Underground Storage Tank

Petroleum Contaminated Soil

Soil and Soil Vapor Petroleum Contamination

Petroleum Contaminated Soil and Groundwater

Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Lead in Soil and Groundwater

Petroleum Contaminated Soil

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