Phase II Investigation and Site Characterization

We are skilled at performing Limited and Targeted Phase II Subsurface Investigations for due diligence or after a Recognized Environmental Condition, (REC) is discovered in a Phase I ESA. Examples of a REC include an inactive underground storage tank, inadequate management of hazardous chemicals or evidence of a release of hazardous substances to the environment.

Our onsite experts conduct a Phase II Investigation to determine whether there is a contaminant present that is above regulatory cleanup levels. This involves the collection of soil and/or groundwater samples that are then evaluated for any evidence of contamination. If found the next step would be Site Characterization.

Site Characterization is a process that considers geologic and hydrogeologic properties to aid in the determination of the extent of contamination and it's impact to soil, water and vapor. Once complete our team would develop a site specific plan for resolution.

Our team uses their site specific knowledge to prepare reports following the standards set by the Small Business Administration, (SBA) as well as the ASTM Standard for Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Process, ASTM Standard E1903-11.

Because our experts are actively leading the project from the beginning they are able to better manage the planning, execution and outcome at an affordable price.

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