Additional Environmental Site Assessment Services


Transaction Screen Assessment

Meets the requirements of the U.S. Small Business Administration SPO 10 50 5(E)

A limited Environmental Investigation under ASTM E1528-14e1. Basic elements: (1) an interview with the owner or operator of the Property; (2) site inspection; (3) completion of an environmental questionnaire and (4) a review of government records and historical sources.

Records Search with Risk Assesment

Meets the requirements of the U. S. Small Business Administration Standard Operating Procedures SOP 50 10 5(H)

A search of state and federal databases, as identified in 40 CFR § 312.26 for an AAI compliant Phase I, as well as a search of historical records (aerial photography, city directories, reverse directories and/or Sanborn fire insurance maps) pertaining to the subject Property and adjoining properties. Based on the results of the records search, an Environmental Professional determines whether the Property is at a “low risk” or “elevated risk” for contamination.

Environmental Database Evaluation Report

A limited environmental due diligence that includes an analysis of state and federal databases that was designed to partially satisfy ASTM guidance and sound lending practices. This Analysis does not appear to meet AAI as defined in CERCLA §107, USC 42§9601(35)(B)

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