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Aerotech Environmental Consulting, Inc. began operation with a single goal in mind: to provide the financial, real estate, construction and securities marketplace with accurate and responsive environmental services performed by seasoned, trained professionals throughout the United States. With three strategically located offices dedicated to our client service, Aerotech was created and configured to deliver accurate, prompt, and cost effective environmental services anywhere in the country..

Effective and efficient service is assured by our staff of qualified, trained, licensed and seasoned environmental professionals.

Simply stated, Aerotech has established and executed our mission, to work with each client to meet or exceed their unique risk management needs with special attention to their budgetary constraints. We work with our clients to balance the cost-benefit ratio of our services with the specific risk-management objectives desired by our clients. Our professional 'business type' approach is executed by our technical staff of engineers, registered environmental assessors, and certified professionals. Our quality professional staff provides you with the very highest quality results in environmental assessment and ancillary site services..

The Aerotech Mission
Our mission is to derive our company value and competitive advantage from the expert concentration of our efforts and resources on selected markets and specific, economically feasible and often innovative solutions based upon client-oriented concerns:

  • To professionally provide clients with services to protect their employees, provide additional health and safety benefits, reduce risk and liability, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To offer a cost effective consulting service through an automated systems approach that maximizes our client value and service focus, and simultaneously provides optimum client protection.
  • To train, develop, and encourage individual professional development and performance related satisfaction and reward.
  • To consistently bottom-line demonstrate and justify our chosen environmental solutions to the client in terms of profit enhancement, loss prevention and improved financial return.

By utilizing speed, intensity, and responsiveness our services provide the maximum addition to our client's own value chain. We will match the output and value of our service to meet our client's unique needs. We will continually strive to improve our own self-worth, our enhanced value to our clients, and our environment.

Charges Filed: Fatality at a UCLA Research Lab

9 JAN 2012: This recent case revealing an apparent failure of safety precautions illustrates both the potential for tragedy with regard to loss of human life and the potential for high litigation costs. In this case, a young woman died of burns sustained ... More: [NEWS]

USEPA: Ruling: EPA Must Implement Controls to Ensure Proper Investigations

9 JAN 2012: Grantees awarded EPA Brownfields Assessment Grants must meet AAI ("All Appropriate Inquiry") requirements. AAI is the process of evaluating a property for potential environmental contamination ... More: [LAW]

Mold - A Significant Biological Hazard

1 FEB 2012: According to public health expert, Dr. Joseph Jarvis: "While it may not be possible to determine the level of exposure needed to cause a problem, there is much documentation that exposure to indoor mold can cause respiratory allergies ..." More: [EDUCATION]

Construction Accident Investigation Files

9 JAN 2012: FEATURED REPORT: A new example from our Constuction Accident Report Files will be available for your review here. ... More: [CONSTRUCTION]


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